Spain’s Uniform

Romano’s Uniform

Punk Rock England Outfit

Nyo!Italy Uniform

Nyo!Romano Uniform

APH Seychelles Outfit

Anonymous sent: would it be possible for poland's uniform? ( or at least the jacket + capelet?)

I couldn’t make the capelet but here’s his uniform.

Poland Uniform

snorewaysnowflake sent: Hello! : ) I've had problem with the clothing that I've gotten from here.. they all show up as pure white when I try to use them. :s

Hmm, I’ve never heard about this problem before. Are you sure what you are seeing isn’t the undershirt that your mayor wears? When you scan a QR code, the pattern will show up in your Design Tab. Select the pattern you want to wear and then put it on. Scanning a code won’t automatically put it on your person.

If this doesn’t help you then I’m not sure what’s happening with your scanner. I’ve scanned a few of them and they work fine for me. Which one did you scan specifically? Maybe something is wrong with the code.

APH Poland Uniform

aph-magic sent: Hey! I made a 2p! Nyo! England dress and I was wondering if I could submit it to you?

Oh yes please. All you really have to do is send in the pictures and I’ll format the rest. Thank you so much!